Functional Core for Pregnancy

A comprehensive program to help moms learn what is safe during exercise. Learn to manage pressure during pregnancy and prepare for birth to have an easier recovery! 

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Hannah holding her pregnant belly

Are you feeling...


Are you confused on what is safe during pregnancy and hearing conflicting advice?


Are you frustrated that everyone is telling you to take it easy and that pregnancy isn't the time for fitness?


Are you excited for pregnancy but also nervous on the journey you're about to embark on and don't know where to begin?

Here’s the good news.
You’re not fragile during pregnancy... but you're also not invincible! 

In this program, you'll learn what is safe specifically for YOU. You'll be given the tools and education to maintain strength, stay connected to your deep core, and feel your best! You'll be given advice from pelvic floor physical therapists to help minimize diastasis recti, incontinence, prolapse, and pelvic girdle pain while also having 40 weeks of programming to follow your entire pregnancy!

Two women demonstrating stretches

Your days of Googling  “can I do ____ during pregnancy?” are over.

Random websites yield lots of information including biased and outdated advice...

In this program, you will...

  • Learn everything you need to know about what is safe exercise specifically for you during pregnancy.

  • Stay connected to your deep core and learn to manage pressure to help minimize DR, incontinence, and prolapse.

  • Prepare for birth with 40 weeks of workout programming to stay strong, active and healthy and learn all about labor prep to help minimize pelvic floor tearing.

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Pregnant Hannah demonstrating a workout

No more guessing what is right for you!

In this program, you’ll get an in-depth education based on the latest research from pelvic floor physical therapists.

  • Be empowered to have the tools and education to advocate for yourself! 

  • Feel confident to modify existing exercises based on your specific needs and how you are feeling.

  • Create a foundation to build upon so you can back to doing what you love safely postpartum.

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Hannah demonstrating a workout.

Feel incredible every step of the way!

There is over 80 workouts to follow with a variety of styles of training anywhere from 20-50 minute workouts.

  • Modifications and substitions for every workout! 

  • Mobility and core workouts to help with pesky pelvic girdle pain! 

  • Labor prep workouts to help get baby into optimal position for birth and help prepare you for labor.

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A glimpse into the programs

What are people saying

Trusted by thousands of moms like you!

Working out during pregnancy is far more than just aesthetics. In fact, staying active during pregnancy is one of the best decisions you can make for the health of yourself and baby! 

Before and After of a Functional Core user

After the first year of my fitness journey, I still had a 4 finger width DR that was pretty uncomfortable, but after two years of doing the core guide and techniques, l've closed it to about 1 finger thanks to HannahBower26.

Before and After of a Functional Core user

You're on of the huge reasons I was educated enough to continue lifting/staying active through my pregnancy and able to achieve my natural delivery.
I started the core guide 9 months prior to conceiving, kept up through it during pregnancy and am now following it postpartum- it's made all the difference!!

Before and After of a Functional Core user

2 weeks postpartum! Taking it easy, as my body ran a marathon two weeks ago!!!

Stick with the core guide!! I'm sooo glad I did! I accredit my easy recovery (so far) and only 30 min of pushing during birth to being fully aware of my core and pelvic floor!

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Simple and transparent pricing

Recommended by moms, OBGYNs and physical therapists

14 Modules with 100+ educational videos and 50+ pages educational content

Nutrition basics for pregnancy written by a RD and 30 recipes designed to nourish your changing body and growing baby.

40 weeks of programming per each trimester and over 80 workouts to follow

20 + additional core exercises and mobility to help with pelvic pain management

Specific labor prep care and learning to engage the deep core guided to you by pelvic floor physical therapists as if you were in a session.

Detailed tutorials on breathing and engagement strategies for lifting weights during pregnancy and beyond for better pelvic floor health.

Frequently asked questions

Can I do this program even if I have not exercised in a while?
Yes! The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends all low-risk pregnancies pick up moderate to intense exercise during pregnancy! Even if you haven’t done weightlifting, it’s ok begin. Going to pick up your little off the floor, that’s a dead lift. Going to stand up off the ground, that’s a lunge. Weight training is functional and is shown to reduce lower back pain! Even if you are someone who isn’t able to work out during your pregnancy, this guide is so much more than just workouts! A huge chunk of this guide is education on your deep core, breath work, mobility and preparing for labor! There is a ton that you can do in this guide non exercise wise that will benefit you immensely!
What equipment do I need?
Majority of the workouts in this guide you need minimal equipment! Trimester one, you just need a couple sets of dumbbells, barbell, a box and optional resistance band! In trimester 2 and 3 there is a bit more equipment like cable work, stability ball, leg press machine and back extension machine. However, I give you modifications and substitutions for each workout! If you are someone who is intimidated by barbell work, you will be able to modify and do dumbbells. This guide has a wide range and variety of styles of workouts to help keep you going your entire pregnancy.
Will this help me with incontinence or prolapse?
Yes! This program focuses on using your system as a whole. Once you learn to engage it correctly and manage internal pressure, you can do a great deal to correct these dysfunctions even during pregnancy.
How much time will I need to dedicate to this? Can I do this with a busy schedule?
 The education portion of this guide will be the most time consuming. I am a huge believer in educating yourself on how and why something works so you can better apply it to what you do and be successful at it. This can be done at your own pace and just a few videos a day while you continue your exercise program! Each workout ranges from 20minutes to 50 minutes. Every workout is modifiable to fit your conditioning needs and time restraints. All movement is to be celebrated, even if it is just 5 minutes.
How many days a week is the programming?
The programming for each trimester is a bit different. Every trimester ranges from 3-4 workouts a week with core, mobility or walking scheduled in. This is just a suggested template, and you will be able to add or take away as you feel fit!
Can this program really help prevent DR and pelvic floor dysfunction?
Yes! It’s not what exercises are unsafe during pregnancy its’ how you do them that is important. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. This program is going to teach you all about pressure management and how to regulate, disperse and manage pressure in your core canister to help prevent or minimize the injury component of diastasis and pelvic floor injury not just in exercise but in everyday life. Every single individual will get an ab separation during their pregnancy for a beautiful reason and it’s important to understand how to protect your deep core to minimize chances of injury! There are also somethings outside your control like genetics, so having awareness on everything you can do to minimize injury, is incredibly powerful.
Does this course replace going to a pelvic floor physical therpaist?
No, but it helps you know if you NEED to go to a pelvic floor PT. Treatment directly from a clinician can be expensive, and in many cases, not accessible to many woman especially during pregnancy. It is why I brought on a team of amazing pelvic floor therapists to help educate you and navigate your own journey to a functional core. This program offers you the tools to determine the severity of your condition and decide next steps. If you do need to see a PT, this program can refer you to our partner clinicians who can offer you virtual sessions at a discount, or see you in person if you’re in the area. The best option is to do this guide after a session with a PT because it will really set you up with confidence in feeling your deep core.