Protect your core during pregnancy and heal postpartum

Your journey to bettering your health begins here! Pregnancy and postpartum bring a lot of confusing and conflicting advice. I’ve made it my mission to empower you with the latest research and education so you have all the tools to feel confident and strong through your pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes and challenges, which is why it’s so important to keep your mind and body strong. My programs are designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle before, during and after pregnancy.

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Hello there

My name is Hannah

I am a wife and a Mother who loves all things health and fitness.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science with a Concentration in Sports Medicine. I am a certified personal trainer with 5 specializations & certifications in pre and postnatal fitness, corrective exercise and I am diastasis core consultant.

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Workouts for every stage of motherhood

Whether you are a first-time mom or an experienced veteran, my programs are here to help equip you with tools that enable you to feel confident and strong. It’s never too late to start.

A holistic approach to pregnancy health

This means taking into account the physical, mental, and emotional well-being. My approach help pregnant women feel more in control of their health.

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Specifically designed to help you stay strong and improve your core functionality

My guided exercises targeting specific muscle groups and instructional videos on proper form to help you get the most out of your workouts while feeling safe and supported throughout your pregnancy journey.

My goal is to make sure every mother has all the tools they need to strong and healthy while they await the arrival of their little ones!

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Tools to assist in mental wellness

Our wellness training will help you focus on your breathing and get into the right mental state to make the most out of your pregnancy journey.

My programs will also help mindset shifts that support wellness, giving you the confidence and motivation to reach all of your pregnancy and postpartum fitness goals.

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Make a positive change in your life

My goal is to help cultivate lifelong learners who develop healthy habits during pregnancy and continue to bring that knowledge with them into postpartum and beyond.

We strive to create a safe space for all, no matter what stage they’re in on their fitness journey.

What are people saying

Our customers love us and so will you

Our clients experience in depth guides and corresponding workout tutorials so they can begin healing, feeling strong and getting back to doing what they love! Your journey is special to you and you get to take it at your own pace! 

Before and After of a Functional Core user

After the first year of my fitness journey, I still had a 4 finger width DR that was pretty uncomfortable, but after two years of doing the core guide and techniques, l've closed it to about 1 finger thanks to HannahBower2.

Before and After of a Functional Core user

You're on of the huge reasons I was educated enough to continue lifting/staying active through my pregnancy and able to achieve my natural delivery.
I started the core guide 9 months prior to conceiving, kept up through it during pregnancy and am now following it postpartum- it's made all the difference!!

Before and After of a Functional Core user

2 weeks postpartum! Taking it easy, as my body ran a marathon two weeks ago!!!

Stick with the core guide!! I'm sooo glad I did! I accredit my easy recovery (so far) and only 30 min of pushing during birth to being fully aware of my core and pelvic floor!

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Feel powerful and confident in your motherhood journey and beyond!

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Frequently asked questions

What are your qualifications?
I have a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science with a Concentration in Sports Medicine. I am also CPT certified through NASM while also having five specializations in pre and postnatal training and corrective exercise while also being a diastasis core consultant. I was a Division 1 gymnast and worked and interned with strength and conditioning coaches during my career. I have worked closely with pre and postnatal specialists as well as a pelvic floor physical therapists to learn more about the human body in regard to core functionality, pelvic floor health, and pregnancy/postpartum training.
How will I receive my guide?
All programs are immediately accessed under the account you created. Simply log into your account and you will see your active programs.
Can I return my guide?
Unfortunately no, my programs and guides cannot be returned because the guide is immediately accessed. I am very strict on this due to many taking advantage and stealing the programs for profit.
Can I print my programs out?
Yes. The PDF portion of the guides can be downloaded and printed. You may need to email me and request access at some printing establishments.
Do your programs come with videos?
Yes, a huge portion of these guides is educational with in depth learning and tutorials! The workout portion of each guide contains videos guiding you through the exercise to ensure proper, modifications and some of them will have voice overs for further direction.
Where can I find out more details about your program?
There is detailed information specific to each guide on this site. If you have additional questions, please email me at
What equipment do I need to use in your guides?
Each guide is a little different in regard to the equipment needed. Please go to the guide you want and check the information for the equipment needed.
What is the difference between your App and the Functional Core Programs?
The Functional Core programs are in depth educational guides with an application workout component to guide you through pregnancy and postpartum confidently and safely! There are hundreds of in-depth tutorials to teach you everything about your deep core and pelvic floor health. These programs are too in depth and large to place on the app in a way that makes sense to follow. The app consists of thousands of workouts to follow, both home and gym programs, weekly added workouts , mindset talks, seasonal challenges with prizes, nutrition tips, tutorials and mobility! Many women find the app to be a great addition to the core programs because the variety of workouts offered, the direct support from myself and the Facebook community! The two complement one another very well!