Hello there

My name is Hannah

I am a wife and a Mother who loves all things health and fitness. I have a bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science with a Concentration in Sports Medicine. I am a certified personal trainer with 5 specializations & certifications in pre and postnatal fitness, corrective exercise and I am diastasis recti core consultant. My learning is always on going! 

Over the last 5 years, I have developed a passion helping others establish a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically that is enjoyable and sustainable. I believe that exercise is a celebration, not a punishment. Life is to be enjoyed and in that is enjoying food of all kinds, no guilt. There is a healthy balance that works and looks different on everyone, I’m passionate about helping others find theirs.

I created my channel to bring realism into the fitness social media world. To debunk crash diets, old toxic fitness myths on how to lose weight and to bring truth to what it means to be healthy both mentally and physically.

Your journey to bettering your health, both physically and mentally should be enjoyable and empowering. Easy? No. Worth it? Yes.

Everyone is going to have a lifestyle that works and looks different for them. There are no absolutes here. There is no right or wrong way in achieving that path, as long as it promotes a healthy relationship with food and exercise, and you are HAPPY.

Take a look around. Excited and honored to start a journey with you.