Functional Core for Postpartum

A comprehensive program to help moms find healing after pregnancy by strengthening their deep core and pelvic floor.

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Are you feeling...


Have you been Googling things like, “Why am I leaking?” or “Why do I still look pregnant postpartum?”


Are you celebrating a beautiful baby but also mourning pieces of your old life that seem out of reach?


Are you feeling like you’ve never truly recovered from pregnancy?

Here’s the good news. You’re not broken!

In this program, you’ll find education from pelvic floor physical therapists, support, and easy-to-understand exercises that will help your body heal postpartum and give you the tools to navigate diastasis recti, incontinence, painful sex, and prolapse.

Hannah Bower and physiotherapists explaining a concept using props

Your days of Googling random “DR Exercises” are over.

Random websites yield lots of information, but they lack a comprehensive, research-based strategy.

In this program, you will...

  • Learn a holistic approach with healthy timelines and appropriately challenging progressions to restore and strengthen your core.

  • Practice correct deep core engagement during rehab movements with intention using your breath.

  • Understand the WHY behind the problems you face before jumping to solutions.

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Say goodbye to being confused about your postpartum body.

In this program, you’ll get an in-depth education based on the latest research from pelvic floor physical therapists.

  • Be empowered to understand your own body and move forward with exercises that are right for YOU

  • Feel confident to modify existing exercises based on your specific needs

  • Create a foundation to build upon so you can back to doing what you love safely

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Hannah Bower demoing a stretch from the course

Stop beating yourself up with little results.

With The Functional Core program, expectations are positive but realistic:

  • Spend 30 minutes or less a day executing five different exercises or educational material.

  • Learn from digestible videos even with a busy schedule.

  • Work at your own pace (even when baby is napping).

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A glimpse into the programs

What are people saying

Thousands of woman and counting

Healing postpartum is FAR more than getting back into your favorite pair of jeans ( but we will celebrate that too), Healing postpartum is about feeling strong, being pain free and getting back to doing what you love! A strong functional core is always the focus so you can do what you love with confidence.

Before and After of a Functional Core user

After the first year of my fitness journey, I still had a 4 finger width DR that was pretty uncomfortable, but after two years of doing the core guide and techniques, l've closed it to about 1 finger thanks to HannahBower2.

Before and After of a Functional Core user

You're on of the huge reasons I was educated enough to continue lifting/staying active through my pregnancy and able to achieve my natural delivery.
I started the core guide 9 months prior to conceiving, kept up through it during pregnancy and am now following it postpartum- it's made all the difference!!

Before and After of a Functional Core user

2 weeks postpartum! Taking it easy, as my body ran a marathon two weeks ago!!!

Stick with the core guide!! I'm sooo glad I did! I accredit my easy recovery (so far) and only 30 min of pushing during birth to being fully aware of my core and pelvic floor!

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Simple and transparent pricing

Trusted by thousands of moms

13 learning modules with 100+ educational videos with pelvic floor physical therapists.

50+ pages educational content

60 + detailed rehab and mobility exercises with appropriate progressions

20 + additional bonus core exercises and stretches

Specific self-care and healing guides recommended for people managing  c-sections, episiotomies and more guided to you by pelvic floor physical therapists as if you were in a session.

Detailed tutorials on breathing and engagement strategies for lifting weights during pregnancy and beyond for better pelvic floor health.

Frequently asked questions

Will this actually heal my DR? And how long should it take?
I’ve worked with pelvic floor physical therapists for 5 years and have worked with top personal trainers in the country for over a decade. I’ve been able to help thousands of women find relief for their DR. With the education and approaches found in this program, you will absolutely see results or bare minimum, learn the tools and resources to find the right people and knowledge to help you. Not everyone can completely close the gap but you will improve. The goal is a functional and reactive core! The key is learning the fundamentals that will help you strengthen your core for all of everyday life. Some will improve in a few months... for others it can take up to 2 years! Have patience with yourself, and understand that your situation is unique.
My pregnancy was 5 years ago and I still am feeling the effects of DR... would this be a good option for me?
Absolutely! Healing can happen at any time. If you’ve been functioning with DR for some time, it can take a little longer to learn new habits, but our bodies are incredible at healing and restoring functionality.
Will this help me with incontinence or prolapse?
Yes! This program focuses on using your system as a whole. Once you learn to engage it correctly and manage intra abdominal pressure, you can do a great deal to correct these dysfunctions.
How much time will I need to dedicate to this? Can I do this with a busy schedule?
In order to see results, you’ll need to make your healing a priority. Your body deserves your care and attention! However, the program is self-paced – there are no strict deadlines or guidelines of when you need to finish. Whether it takes you 3 weeks or a six months to get through educational material and the rehab program, be patient with yourself! Everyone’s body and schedule are different, and the phase lengths are variable.
I have never had kids, can I still do this program?
Absolutely! Diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction isn't just a mom thing, it's a person thing! Although the verbiage is directed towards moms, the material and application applies to everyone! If you have painful sex, leak when you pee or a weak core or have trouble engaging your deep core, this program is also for you!
Can this really improve my sex life?
Yes! The pelvic floor directly relates to orgasms. Restoring pelvic floor health can help make sex less painful and more pleasurable. In addition, the program gives you the tools to know if you need professional help OR can begin the journey on your own.
Does this course replace going to a Pelvic Floor PT?
No, but it helps you know if you NEED to go to a pelvic floor therapist. Treatment directly from a clinician can be expensive, and in many cases, not assessable to many, it's why I created this guide with pelvic floor therapists, so you can begin healing on your own and have guidance from professionals. This program offers you the tools to determine the severity of your condition and decide appropriate next steps. If you do need to see a pelvic floor PT, this guide can refer you to our partner clinicians who can offer you virtual sessions at a discount, or see you in person if you’re in the area. It will also help you find a PT in your area. The best option is to do this guide after a visit with a PT.