Get Fit At Home


This guide suits all gym goers. It is a 5-week step by step program. It can be modified to fit your current conditioning level by making simple adjustments. Whether you’re a busy mom, busy business woman who travels, or just in need of HIIT based workouts, this guide is for you. It also would be a fantastic option for those who have gym memberships with minimal equipment or want a few HIIT workouts done throughout the week along with their weight training. This guide can also be done in the gym and it will increase the intensity immensely if you add your gyms equipment to each exercise. Ex: Dumbbell squat can be done using a barbell in the gym!

I use this style of training often. I find it extremely effective and time efficient. This guide contains 2 weeks of full body HIIT and 3 weeks of split training consisting of upper body, lower body, and full body. The leg and full body weekly splits are more HIIT based to really get your heart rate going and kick start weight loss while maintaining and building muscle.


What comes with this guide:

  1. Each workout day comes with a detailed voice over in video showing & explaining the exercise, correct technique, and progressions for exercises.
  2. Detailed and organized PDF of each workout with pictures and reps/sets.
  3. You have it for life once purchased and can repeat it as many times as you like. In fact, repeating it and making it more difficult each time is what will produce results and help create consistency and a balanced healthy lifestyle.
  4. 2 pages of Q & A’s you might have during the program. Including a few nutrition tips and workout advice.
  5. Easy to read table of contents that directs you to your designated day.



Equipment Needed:

Weeks 1-2: NONE. Unless you choose to incorporate equipment for added difficulty.

Weeks 3-5- Minimal. 2 mini circle bands, 1 loop resistance band and dumbbells. Some optional equipment you can have include jump rope and furniture slider or home or gym equipment for added weight. Discount code for bands is included.