8 Week Leg and Glute


This guide is for more advanced gym-goers. The workouts will challenge you, but don’t worry! You can tailor the workouts to your fitness level.

This workout regime includes 3 -4 detailed workouts with repetitions/sets each week as well as leg and glute HIIT workouts, and some conventional HIIT workouts with abs. There are a few landmine workouts that involve upper body but this is soley a leg/glute focused program. It is progressive, so you will not plateau. The guide can be repeated as many times as you want. The more you repeat it, the stronger you get as well as the physical changes because each time you repeat it you will increase weight, add resistance or elevation to specific exercises.

You will find advanced lifts in this guide.


Free weights, leg press, smith machine, cable tower, landmine, hack squat, abduction/adduction machine, stability ball, box/bench, resistance bands.

The video library contains alternatives for many of the exercises.