8 Week Full Body


This guide suits intermediate and advanced gym-goers that need inspiration, variety, and guidance. The first 4 weeks are not the same as the 4 week guide. They are two different programs. The workout regime includes 2 weeks of full body HIIT circuits and 6 weeks of workouts with a weekly split of upper body, lower body, and full body HIIT. The guide includes conventional HIIT and HIIT that is incorporated into the weight lifting sessions specifically lower and full body days. Get in the gym, workout hard and leave feeling accomplished. If you aren’t gasping for air in this guide, you know you can push harder!

You’ll start with 4 workouts and build up to 5 workouts for each week. It is also progressive so you can tailor it to your current fitness level. I’ve also included a bit of information on nutrition ( not a meal plan) and answers to the many questions regarding training you may have as you work through the guide.

Many of the workouts in the last weeks of this guide are challenging. Confidence is built by pushing yourself and seeing just how strong you are. Remember, you can always tailor the workouts to your fitness level.


Resistance bands, smith machine, cable tower, stability ball, box/benches, barbell, pullup/dip equipment, free weights, medball, abduction/adduction machine.

There is almost always a modification for all exercises. There are many listed alternatives in the video section.