4 week Leg and Glute


This guide suits beginner gym-goers or gym goers wanting to to get back into the gym that want to build and define their legs and glutes. It is also progressive so you can tailor it to your current fitness level.

I’ve also included a bit of information on nutrition ( not a meal plan) and answers to the many questions regarding training you may have as you work through the guide.

This workout regime includes 3 – 4 leg and glute focused workouts as well as higher intensity (HIIT) leg/glute workouts. The first few days go over the basic fundamentals and proper form as that is critical in injury prevention and progress. I’ve chosen these exercises specifically, because I’ve found they’re very effective for leg and glute transformations.



Free weights, barbell, leg press, cable tower, resistance band, abduction/adduction machine, stability ball and bosu.

The video library comes with alternatives for many of the exercises. There is always a modification that can be done.