4 Week Full Body


This guide suits beginners gym-goers or gym-goers getting back into the gym that need motivation and assistance with their workouts and sets/repetitions. You’ll learn the fundamentals, but it is also progressive so you can tailor it to your current fitness level. You can improve and work at your own pace!

It starts with 3 workouts and builds up to 5 workouts for each week, including HIIT. You’ll also find a bit of information on nutrition ( not a meal plan) and I answer many questions you might have as you begin your fitness training journey.

This workout regime includes 3 weeks of full body circuits and 1 week split of upper, lower, and full body HIIT. It also prepares you for the advanced 8-week program. HIIT is an amazing tool for weightloss while maintaining lean muscle mass. This is a great program to establish a base and get the foundation you need for more intense lifting.



Resistance bands, dumbbells, stability ball, bench/box, TRX, cables, barbell, abduction/adduction machine, equipment for pull ups/dips. Many of the exercises can be modified if you dont have that piece of equipment.