Welcome to my Workout Guides!

Guides are GYM based except the Get Fit At Home Guide and are immediately accessed once purchased. They do not expire once purchased and can be repeated as many times as you want. In fact, repeating guides and increasing weights along with difficulty will provide better results. Change takes time. All downloadable PDF guides include organized daily workouts as well as repetitions/sets and photos demonstrating each exercise. You also receive a video library demonstrating proper form, including some examples of what to avoid when you do exercises. The guides also includes progression videos so you can increase or decrease difficulty to suit your current conditioning level.

I created these workouts based on my own experience and education. Since you can adjust them to your fitness level, you can use these guides forever! You’ll constantly build and avoid plateaus.

Once you’ve completed my 8-week program, I hope you’re armed with sufficient information to train independently and safely!

3-5 gym based workouts each week

Includes High Intensity Interval Workouts (HIIT), TRX , Weights & Resistance bands. Depending on the guide you purchase, it will have a different workout split. Full body guides have both full body circuits and weight training splits. Equipment needed is different for each guide.

Desktop & Mobile-Friendly PDF

You can download each guide to your desktop or phone. They include images to show you how to perform each exercise.

Simple & Motivating

Each guide explains everything in easy-to-read language and motivates you to achieve your fitness goals.

Easy Navigation

Find the information you need each week with one click within the guide’s easy- to-use table of contents.

Meaty Content

Each guide is between 18 and 41 pages with plenty of information, without the fluff.

Packed With Exercises

Each guide has a variety of exercises to keep your workouts exciting and effective. Includes TRX training, resistance work, HIIT training and weight lifting using dumbbells, squat rack, cable and smith machine as well as the abduction machine.

Extensive Video Library

My library has over 75 videos to show you proper form and what to avoid on many exercises.

Progression Videos

Find similar exercises to suit your current conditioning level and improve.


Nutritional Advice

Discover my outlook on “diets” and nutrition. This is a small tid bit. It is not a meal  plan.



I answer many of your questions that you might have while doing my guides and how you can succeed

The Cost

4 Week $50

5 Week $75

8 Week $100

4 Week Full Body

8 Week Full Body.

4 Week Leg and Glute

8 Week Leg and Glute


Get Fit At Home