Sweat Is Gold

Guides are GYM based except the Get Fit At Home Guide. However, you can do the Get Fit At Home guide in the gym and use more weights to increase intensity! Click on a guide for more info and details about that specific guide.

All guides are immediately accessed once purchased under the account you create and they do not expire. I encourage you to repeat the guides as each time around you will be able to make it more challenging and continue to push your mind and body. Change takes time and I hope through these guides you learn to celebrate your body and enjoy the lifestyle you are creating for yourself.

All downloadable PDF guides include organized daily workouts as well as repetitions/sets and photos demonstrating each exercise. You also receive a videos  demonstrating proper form for each exercise. The guides also includes progression videos so you can increase or decrease difficulty to suit your current conditioning level.

I created these workouts based on my own experience and education. I have a Bachelors Degree in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine, while also being CPT certified through NASM. I have interned and worked closely with D1 Strength Coaches through college and my own personal experience as a D1 Athlete.

Change starts with celebrating your body in and out of the gym, not punishing it. Do not give up. You are worth that fight.

Builds up to 5 workouts a week

Includes High Intensity Interval Workouts (HIIT) incorporated within leg day training. Full body HIIT circuits, as well as conventional HIIT on cardio machines and upper body days.

Desktop & Mobile-Friendly PDF

You can download each guide to your desktop or phone which allows you to refer to the PDF document or videos with ease.

Immediately Accessed & NEVER Expires

You will find all content under the account you created on my website. Because it is immediately accessed no refunds are available.

Easy Navigation

Find the information you need each week with one click within the guide’s easy- to-use table of contents.


Resistance bands are highly suggested but not needed. Squat rack, smith machine, cables, abduction/adduction machine, landmine, stability balls and TRX. If you don’t have a piece of equipment you can almost always modify it.

Packed With Exercises

Each guide has a variety of exercises to keep your workouts exciting and effective. Every workout is different and you will never repeat a workout within your guide unless you choose to!

Extensive Video Library

Each guide has a unique library of up to 75 videos which are completely separate from the “Libraries” available.  There are over 75 videos to show you proper form, what to avoid and modifications.

The different Guides

Click each Guide for more info pertaining to that specific guide.

The 4 week guides are completely separate from the first four weeks in the 8 week guides. The 4 week guide was created to go right into the 8 week guide. 

Nutritional Advice

Discover my outlook on “diets” and a few health tips for your journey. This is not a meal  plan. It is illegal for me to sell meal plans since I am not a certified Dietician.



There is a Q & A within the guide that will answer many of your questions that you might have while doing my guides. You will also receive an email to contact me as I love to be apart of your journey!

The Cost

4 Week $50

5 Week $75

8 Week $100

4 Week Full Body

8 Week Full Body.

4 Week Leg and Glute

8 Week Leg and Glute

Get Fit At Home