Welcome to my Exercise Library!

I’ve collected all my expertise and created an exercise library. From here you can access all the exercises I do now, or I’ve done in the past to help with your current exercise routine. You can choose the libraries you’re interested in or bundle them into a package to reduce the cost and create your own workouts.

Libraries include arms/upper body, version 1 beginner/intermediate workouts for leg & booty or abs, and version 2 intermediate/advanced workouts for leg & booty or abs. These are NOT step by step workout guides. You get to create your own workouts based on the many exercises given in the libraries.

These libraires suit those who want to focus on specific regions, in need of new ideas and exercises to add into their current routine.  DON’T use the advanced versions if you haven’t mastered the fundamentals. You NEED the solid experience lifting you learn in the beginner/intermediate versions before you attempt the advanced ones.

Each program comes with a PDF guide with step-by-step photos and over 50 exercises. Each exercise within the guide also has a written description explaining the proper form, and what to avoid.

These programs also include a video library of each exercise and some exercises include progression videos too so you can increase the intensity. As well as recommended reps and sets for specific goals.

Desktop & Mobile-Friendly PDF

Each guide is suitable for download to your desktop or phone. It includes descriptions and images to show you how to perform each exercise properly

Packed With Content

Each guide has over 50 exercises to keep your workouts exciting and effective. You’ll receive between 18 and 41 pages per guide, plenty of information, and without the fluff.

Know What To Do & When

Each workout includes recommended repetitions and sets specific for your goals. You can navigate through the clickable table of contents to find specific exercises easily.

Extensive Video Library

Over 75 videos show you proper form and what to avoid on many of the exercises. You can also find similar progressive exercises that suit your current conditioning level so you can improve.

Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced

You can find a program to suit your fitness level, no matter where you are on your journey. Beginners can progress to higher levels safely and more advanced people can improve their fitness level, add variety, and challenge themselves further

Advice & Tips

My years of experience has given me the opportunity to learn many exercises that can motivate, improve your fitness journey, and help you achieve your fitness goals.

The Cost

$10 - 30

If you want to buy programs individually, the cost varies between programs. I price according to the amount of content within each one, but they’re reasonable.

$40 - 55

Bundle programs to lower your costs. The price varies depending on which programs you choose.

Arms/Upper Body

Leg and Booty 1

Leg and Booty 2

Abs 1


Ab Library

Leg and Booty Library Bundle

Complete Libraries Bundle