The Functional Core


-Learn about diaphragmatic breathing and other breathing techniques that play an important role in daily life as well as in pregnancy and during delivery.

-Understand how the core unit works, the specific muscles involved, why those muscles are important, and how to properly engage/activate those muscles and the pelvic floor. This knowledge will keep your body healthy and increase your overall strength as you progress through your fitness and health journey pregnant or not.

-Learn different exercises, tools, and cues to help you understand your own body by feeling the correct muscles activating. These exercises, tools, and cues will help prevent diastasis recti, pelvic floor prolapse, incontinence, and core dysfunction.

-Gain an overall sense of confidence in the capabilities of your body during your fitness journey or your pregnancy journey (including setting up your post-partum success). The core is the foundation to our bodies; if it is functional and strong we are able to build upon it while also preventing injury.

– Detailed informationĀ on what you can and cant do during pregnancy and post partum to give you the healthiest pregnancy and healing postpartum journey while being confident in your own body and its abilities.