Sweat Is Gold

The fundamentals and techniques taught in this guide are critical for everyone to learn in order to create the foundations of a strong and functional core. Do you have diastsis recti or a weak core strength? Back pain and bad posture? Anxiety or Leaky urine? These are just a few symptoms that result from a dysfunctional core. This Guide will teach you how to prevent and heal these issues along with preventing more severe problems such as pelvic prolapse, umbilical hernias and urinary incontinence. Your core is the foundation to not only just your strength, but your well being. It is an aspect of life that is extremely neglected and it creates hardships in many lives that can be prevented and/or healed. This guide is here to empower your journey and provide you with the confidence you need to train smart and safely. Click the guide for more detailed info.

This Guide is for: EVERYONE

Men, women (not pregnant) & pre-natal, pregnancy and postpartum journeys

Over 25,000 words, detailed diagrams & pictures

You can download each guide to your desktop or phone which allows you to refer to the PDF document or videos with ease. You can also print the material!

64 Instructional Videos

Voiced over, step by step walk through and detailed demonstrations video tutorials that teach you what is going on within your body!

3 Downloadable PDFs

Find the information you need each week with one click within the guide’s easy- to-use table of contents.

4 Week Instructional Guide to Follow & Integrate Techniques into Your Lifestyle

4 week calendars specific to where you are in your journey. Pre-Natal, Less than 10 weeks post partum, more than 10 weeks post partum/healing diastasis, fitness enthusiast.

NEVER EXPIRES & Immediately accessed once purchased

Because it is immediately accessed, no refunds are available. You will find all content under the account you created on my website.

You can start this guide anytime in your fitness, pregnancy or post partum journey

The 4 week guides are completely separate from the first four weeks in the 8 week guides. The 4 week guide was created to go right into the 8 week guide.

Optional Equipment: Stretching foam block & small ball ( found at Walmart)

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The Functional Core